setting up youth for success – teaching lorain county


Leadership Lorain County’s program is designed for High School Students to envision the needs of our community, empower and inspire them to make a difference, and engage with mentors and community leaders.

In celebration of our 40th anniversary, we’ve decided to do something truly special and meaningful. Instead of throwing a big celebration, we’re launching a brand new program that we believe will have a lasting impact on our community – “Setting Up Youth For Success – Teaching Lorain County.” 📚🌱

Our mission has always been to uplift and empower the leaders of Lorain County, and what better way to honor our 40 years of service than by investing in the future of our community. 🌟

This program aims to provide our young talents with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities they need to thrive. By sponsoring this initiative, you’re not only celebrating our legacy but helping to build a brighter future for the youth in our area. 🌞

Your support can make a real difference, whether it’s through financial contributions or spreading the word. Together, we can create a stronger, more successful Lorain County for generations to come. 💪

Join us on this incredible journey and be part of something truly special. Let’s make our 40th year one to remember, not just for us, but for the future leaders we’re nurturing. 🌍👫

Don’t see an opportunity that fits your needs but still want to support? You can click HERE and utilize our general donation page to support at your own level of comfort. All donations will be recognized at the end-of-year celebration, on our website, and across our social media platforms.


If you would like to make a continuous, monthly donation in support of the Setting Up Youth for Success – TLC program, please visit our DONATION PAGE HERE and select “Make this a monthly donation” when entering your dollar amount.