When signing up for their membership, Alumni can choose from a multitude of levels that gives them access to many of our events, programs, and benefits. LLC is always offering ways for our Alumni to become involved. From volunteering with our Signature Class, becoming a mentor to a high school student or summer intern, to Board placement and community volunteer opportunities.


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class related benefits will include all further 2021 & 2022 signature class events.

Help your membership make a greater impact. Join us on Thursday, September 16th, for Community Foundations Connect to a Cause Crowdfunding Virtual Event. More information Coming soon! Questions? Call 220-281-8535.


How can LLC help you become the LEADER you want to be?

Our 1,100+ Alumni cover every aspect of Lorain County. From multi-national corporations, small business, non-profit, medical, education, and even students. This dynamic background brings our new class members access to mentors, speakers, tours, Board exposure, and awareness to every corner of Lorain County.

We strive for continued engagement of the leaders who have gone through our programs and who support our organization! We host Alumni After Hours events for networking. We engage Alums in various fundraisers such as Difference Makers Gala and our annual Golf Outing. And we keep Alumni connected through our comprehensive database of Alumni information. We will continue to support the leaders of this county through our work, programs, and events!

A Membership Message

“What are we but a sum of our relationships? People who teach us, stretch our understanding and imagination, and ground us in our communities. Leadership Lroain County expands each of our networks and invests in the personal growth and social capital of our youth and larger community. My alumni membership supports Leadership Lorain County’s invitation to all of us to connect, to do more, and to give more. Please join me in this opportunity to make a difference in in leading change.”

Linda Styer
Best Class of 2002