Q: What we do and why we do it?

Leadership Lorain County’s mission is to develop and advance leaders who support the growth and diversity of our county by directing initiatives to connect the people, government, academia, and businesses of Lorain County.

LLC’s people foster lifelong leaders who serve as a catalyst for positive change. We work to achieve this goal through a variety of programs that work with the community, from school aged through adult, promoting personal and professional development, teamwork, Board training, leadership skills, networking and more.

Q: How do I become part of the Signature Class?

Leadership’s Signature Class is a 9-month program, meeting monthly from September through May, and culminating in an Induction Celebration as class members become part of our 1,300 plus Alumni. To apply for the upcoming Signature Class you will need to complete an application, submit a current resume and head shot.

Q: How can I support Leadership Lorain County’s programing?

Leadership’s programs are supported through the generous contributions from our Alumni, Sponsors, Foundations and Grants. Joining the upcoming Signature Class is the best way to support our mission. Sponsorships are available for all of our events throughout the year, our Signature Class, LLCIP, Board Connections, Setting Up Youth for Success and more!

Q: What programs does Leadership Lorain County offer?

Leadership offers programs across a wide spectrum of interests. Our Signature Class includes four high school students, along side the class members from across the professional world. Setting Up Youth for Success – Teaching Lorain County is a new program geared for high school sophomores and juniors building informed and engaged Lorain County youth who will continue to positively change our region. This new program includes the Setting Up Youth for Success Adulting Simulation which gives students a chance at a peek of life after school while offering connections and mentor opportunities in the professional world. Board Connections is a series that supports Board development and growth for those currently serving on or working with a Board of Directors, and a chance for those who are seeking to become part of a Board, to find their passions. Our Internship program pairs Lorain County College Students with local non-profits for real world work experience while also exposing the students to aspects of our Signature Class, including personal and professional growth, exposure to many of Lorain County’s opportunities for employment or civic support, team building, networking and more.

Q: What ways are there for me to become involved?

Becoming a Signature Class member is the best way to become involved in Leadership’s many programs. LLC is always seeking volunteers, mentors, speakers, sponsors, new connections and more.