Hearts of patriots

​​The struggle for veteran spouses is daily and there will never come a time when things will be fixed. Their sacrifice and that of their family will go on always. In spite of this, these strong individuals  express their deep love for their veteran, cherishing the good days and trudging through the more difficult stretches as they struggle to hold their families together.

We stand up for those who served. Through personal communications, a private Facebook group, small gifts of appreciation and more, our programs offer a sense of hope to spouses and families touched by the effects of PTSD, a traumatic brain injury or both.

​You are not alone. If someone you love is dealing with the trauma of combat exposure, it can be difficult to know how to support them.
​PTSD affects more than the mental health of the individual — it also impacts the person’s family and friends. We are committed to helping you care for yourself, because we know that self-care is essential to caring for others.

Hearts of Patriots was created in honor of the Families
and Marines of ​the 3rd Battalion 25th Marine Corps​

In January 2005, 180 members of the 3/25 Marines mobilized for Operation Iraqi Freedom. Between March 2005 and their deactivation in January 2006, the Marines of 3rd Battalion had lost 46 Marines and two Navy Corpsmen. Twenty-three of those who did not survive were killed in action during three months in the summer of 2005. In May 2005, nine Marines lost their lives, Two more Marines and one Navy Corpsman were killed in action that July. Then in August, 11 more of the Company riding in an amphibious assault vehicle were killed by a road side bomb attack. In all 46 of the “Three deuce five” were lost that summer.


Community minded professionals interested in joining a “working” Board to help the implementation of Hearts of Patriots strategic plan to establish Lorain County and eventually NE Ohio as its first local Chapter, eventually to be used as a Pilot for establishing other chapters across the US.


Board Members will assist in establishing governing policy, participate in long range planning, monitoring the Agencies financial results and strengths, while being strongly committed to our Mission and Goals by contributing their experience and expertise to help the organization move into its next phase of growth.


This Board is currently establishing their planned meet times. The goal is for the members to meet every 6 weeks. Times, days, and locations to be determined.


Our Mission
We provide education, resources and support to spouses and families of veterans with PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury or both. Co-founded by the wife of a Marine who served in Iraq, Hearts of Patriots understands the challenges faced by caregivers of veterans with invisible wounds of war. Our mission is to support these hidden heroes on their journey to create a home — and a life — that is once again whole.

Focusing our services here in Lorain County will allow the organization to increase its visibility here in the community partnering with other organizations to support our low-income and minority veterans and their families.


Denise Weller

(440) 477-4704


Visit their website at www.vetspouse.org to learn more about this organization.