A life simulation and mentor program


Setting Up Youth for Success! began as a “Best Class of 2017” class project. The dedicated team created a simulation, geared towards high school sophomores, that allows the participants to experience life within the first five years after school. The students are placed into “family” situations and must navigate life, pay their bills, report/apply for employment, and deal with life’s unexpected ups and downs.

The agencies and businesses represented within the simulation are staffed with LLC alumni volunteers that work in those specific fields. As the students come into contact with each location, they are able to ask questions and learn from professionals within that field. Building a professional network and opening students up to the possibility of mentoring and job shadowing opportunities.


We welcome people from all across the professional community to volunteer and represent their fields for the simulation. If you are interested in joining the committee working to finalize the simulation, becoming a mentor, or volunteering to staff a simulation please contact us today.

“The Youth for Success simulation was a great experience for our youth in our Independent Living program! The activity allowed them to get a glimpse of some of the challenges that they may face when they enter adulthood. This experience allowed our students to use critical thinking skills and communication skills to help them navigate through the situations they encountered. They had a great time! Some realized they better start planning for their futures. Others realized that they are now not in a big hurry to grow up!”

Cathy Fairbanks, LSW, MSSA
Independent Living Supervisor
Lorain County Children Services